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Kirk Cameron's trailer for Unstoppable is back on YouTube and social media after an initial ban.
This video is no longer available. Please check below for related videos.

I have to admit, I'm kinda intrigued to see it!


I love Kirk Cameron. Good for him for standing up for what he believes in. And would it be a sin to say ....HE IS STILL HOT!!!!!!!!!!!! YUMMY!!!!!!


Thank you Kirk for standing strong for the LORD and not caring what the media thought.John 3:16
Sincerely Dian Wilkinson


I'm very pleased the trailer is back up. No matter what people do or say, God is unstoppable.


Richard Dawkins:
“bad things, like good things don't happen any more often than they ought to by chance. the universe has no mind, no feelings, and no personality, so it doesn't do things in order to either hurt or please you. bad things happen because things happen.”
Now if you have an imaginary friend, you will need to illude yourself with some rationalizations.


It starts out good but I can guarantee you that the movie won't answer the question. In the end, it will still be about believing and faith.


please release the movie UNSTOPPABLE trailer.

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It simply comes down to: 1) your imaginary friend exists. 2) your imaginary friend keeps score (like Santa Claus).
Then the rationalizations upon rationalizations become necessary.

@ good_idea

I think it's sad that non-believers choose to degrade and talk down to those that do believe. It's a big world, believe what you choose to believe or not believe. However, in doing so, leave those that don't agree with you alone. Another's opinion affects you in zero ways. Be an adult and accept others beliefs, just as others accept yours. It's that simple.

@ faith

So you'll accept my belief in the Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Are you not one of those "Let 'im die!" fundamentalist Christians tea party Republicans?

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