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This new ad campaign from the University of Minnesota challenges racial stereotypes by pointing the finger at white privilege, and has been accused by some critics as being racist itself.

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Absolute garbage. Divide and conquer is the message here. The fact is, racism is the issue it is today because of filth like this "PSA". This has nothing to do with overcoming any race issue, and only serves to raise money by attempting to make ONLY successful white people feel guilty. There is no appeal to say simply... privileged people in general. This is incredibly irresponsible of the University of Minnesota. Racism is what you make it, and this tripe only exacerbates the issue. Shameful.


This video is seated in hatred and race baiting. It attempts to make people feel guilty, "based on skin color", not, as Martin L King said, "based on a person's character". I'm white, Christian, and was never taught to judge a person on their skin color or race. These people who are trying to destroy the US and it's culture of a melting pot, are using 'divide and conquer', and segregating Americans using hatred based on race, wealth, religion, and sex. These people are the worst haters there are, and if you follow this, you too, are an evil, hater. As an American and US citizen, you make me sick.


White folks don't get pulled over for being in the "wrong neighborhood"? Really? Be white and drive into a predominantly black neighborhood after dark and see how long it takes the police to pull you over for suspicion of drug activity. Yes there is racism. Yes there are stereotypes. Yes there is profiling, however, videos like this and the attitudes of those that create them are not "fixing" the issues, only exacerbating them. You're now telling blacks and other minorities "Whites are privileged" and "special", further driving a wedge between communities. You don't help one group by attacking another. The message sent shouldn't be "Whites are lucky". It should be "Minorities aren't all criminals, so don't treat them like they are". Messages like those contained in the above video are just as bad as they behaviors "by whites" that they condemn.


Well, I will never give another dollar to my alumni Minnesota, they are not educators, they are left wing crack whores.


DUMBEST SHIT EVER...They should be put down


This is the most ridiculous, racist thing I've ever seen. The University of Minnesota should be ashamed! Don't they teach US history at their schools? If they did, they would realize that our founding fathers were from England -- all white! Should we renounce them and our Constitution as well? If this is an example of what's being taught to our young people, God help us! The Universityof MN administrator who allowed this should be fired and the people who made it should go back to (a different) school and get a REAL education.

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