Twins Hold Hands After Birth

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A pair of twins holds hands immediately after being born via C-section. Amazing.
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by the time they grow up they will be required by law to wear burkas!...unless there male...than they will probably be castrated and sold into the world of PEG BOYS!


even though i did not know what the heck the lady was saying, that was still cute! & it's a blessing too, but people rarely have twins or more babys like quints(5 babys at a time)
- kentuckykoolkaileykat

@ KentuckyKoolKaileyKat

Says you. The CDC has published research citing a more than doubling of twin birth rates since 1980. Although this can partially be attributed to in-vitro fertilization procedures, it is also largely due to the trend of older of expectant mothers.


awww...the cutest picture I've ever seen!!!


that is the most beautiful
human gift ever wow
what a blessing....

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