Tucker Carlson on Michael Vick: KILL HIM!

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Michael Vick has a fan in Barack Obama. Tucker Carlson, meanwhile, feels the dog-killing, quarterbacking monster should have been executed back in the day.
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Michael Vick should be executed for what he did, President Obama should be executed for being stupid enough to call the Philadelphia Eagles and the Philadelphia Eagles should be executed for hiring Michael Vick. Would Obamama called him if he was a white dog killer? Doubt it.


Tucker your way off base you need to contact a menthal Heath practisioner cause you sound like a real nut case mad cause the President did'nt call you up and say a mind is a terrible thing to waste find you something to do meaningful.
When you and the rest of you Law abidding P.E.T.A freaks try and dig a whole for him make sure you dig enough for you and them
Mike need to answer but one GOD ALMIGHTY not you .
You sound and looks so pitful hope when you go for a walk you get bit.


You're an idiot!!!!! And you deserve to be fired!


hope we never see you in the news crying after making a mistake. You are not a christian. You are a racist . When slaves were killed did their killers die?=

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