TSA Harasses 3-Year Old

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The mother of a disabled three-year old recorded this video, in which the TSA gives her a hard time and her child is left in tears. The TSA later apologized for the incident.
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This mother just made things worse for her daughter to be honest. TSA has a job to do and as ridiculous as it seems to have to screen a child's wheelchair, there are people out there that would exploit a child just to bring chemicals on an airplane, maybe not even the parent but a passerby that put something on the chair. Why did she need to record that and distress her child more? TSA was polite and explained everything to her. I think they were just confused. As to why she shouldn't be allowed to video tape the security area...well duh, for security reasons. Do we really want the inner workings of our airport security on the internet for terrorists to see? I get the whole videotaping to make sure that no abuse is taking place, but there was never a hint of abuse, just a psychotic mother making things worse for her child. I am a parent and would have no problem with them searching the chair or my child if it was done properly, under my supervision, and for the safety of everyone. I love when people create problems when there isn't one.

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