True Tori Sneak Peek - Dean NEEDS Sex Before Work Trips!

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Dean McDermott continues to play the sexual martyr card in this clip from True Tori.
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Of course he doesn't want to talk about his sex life, preferring instead to shift the blame for his infidelity upon Tori because she didn't want to have sex before he took a trip. Well, boo-hoo you jerk off. When will men get it through their pea size brains (not all men, of course) that when you disrespect your woman and try to make her fell insignificant in your eyes, there will be no sex. Not good sex at any rate. And you don't deserve the good parts of a relationship without putting forth the effort mandatory in earning that (and other) right(s). The problem is that Tori took care of the lazy Dean for too long and now he not only expects her to continue to financially take care of him, but disgraces her by having affairs. I saw this coming years ago, to tell the truth.


I could never be with a man who demanded sex from me all the time, what a turn off.

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Dean McDermott Quotes

"I'm miserable and I'm unhappy." - Dean, getting right down to business, and not just because a lizard crawled onto him (which did happen obviously)

"What's keeping you in this marriage?" - True Tori producer to Tori, who cried and said that when there are children involved, you look at it differently (on reality television if at all possible)