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This is a cell phone video of officers detaining 14-year old Tremaine McMillian. Did they use unnecessary force?

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I am just happy this teenager is alive to at least tell his side.., as for the grown ass cop, its florida, he's white, probably a zimmerman supporter, but he is definitely unworthy of his position.


aawwww. you scared bro. wah, wah...he was looking at you funny. cry me a river. cops are bullies with guns nowadays.

@ Nikita Lostracco

your a dumb fuck

@ amanda



This is a major issue. The police state that he had done nothing illegal when they stopped him to begin with. They ordered him to take them to his parents but when he started to do so they ASSumed that he was not complying and attacked him. The boy had a puppy in his arms so I don't know how he could have been flexing his arms and making a fist in a threatening manner at the same time. He probably should have said something like "mom is over here" or something to that effect while walking to his mother. But honestly he was probably very upset over the unfair treatment he had already suffered from the officers and likely was unable to control the emotion in his voice. I have teenaged boys and I know for a fact that when they fear tears they will not say a word until they are sure they can talk without crying. They also ball their hands into fists for the same reason and to try to bring their emotions under control. As for the daggers he probably shot at the officers, i wonder how many of us have not seen a teen do this when they think someone is being unfair? I have gotten the same reaction after making one of my boys leave his friends and come inside to do a chore. Do I now have the right to choke my kid and then claim to be the victim when they give me a dirty look? I think not.


Lol what? It didn't mention the crime. Like....why was he tackled? They thought he stole the puppy? I'm not being sarcastic i'm actually lost.....i really didn't understand. Can someone explain. Because they never mention why he's being restrained in the first place. Just that he clenched a fist.


What was "the threat to the officers" the spokesperson mentioned? walking away, dehumanizing stares??? Well like the song says "If looks could kill..." Oh yes but they don't, and as PP said, two 200-pound men to restrain him? Again, restrain him from what, walking away? Police need better training AND better stories. More and more stories about fascist racist police using their power to extreme force. WE ARE NOT 1910 Imperialistic Russia, we need better representation in our police forces!


So why is that cop taking his sweet time putting the hand cuffs on, just saying.

@ Teresa

what exactly is a dehumanizing stare? trying ta figure it out. can I body slam/pepper spray or tazer the construction workers who give me cat calls & objectifying dehumanizing (like I'm a piece of meat) stares? does that count?


The story of police attacking youngsters due to their "body language" is getting tiring. The kid was barely dressed (where could he hide a weapon), in broad light. Not to mention that the kid is not that tall and is skinny. Sooooooo they needed TWO two hundred pound officials to bring him down???? What was he doing to be "resisting arrest"? What was he being arrested for??? It's time to finish this crap of violent Officers. Now every human being in the planet that makes a gesture is a threat for Police Officers? Come on now...... The Police is actually becoming a threat to citizens....... They should be chasing real criminals with real weapons!!!!!


Please, this is such a sap story. Are there not more important issues than this? There is no reason for this teenager and his mother to take this story public. That boy could have warranted the police action, there is no video on what actually occurred. But frankly, who cares?

@ RM

I hope this happens to you one day or your children! So c others can say "frankly who cares"


Obviously Tremaine was following the police order to take them to his parents, how else would she have a video and yes the officers did use unnecessary force


Of course the police acted outside of their authority. People who condone the police behavior in this video are idiots. "Body language" isn't cause for arrest. If this keeps happening and you idiots keep defending it, it will soon be your turn at the hands of these tyrants. A person can be as scornful as they want to be to anyone. As long as it doesn't physically harm them. Resisting arrest. LOL! Only a fool would buy that.

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