Trayvon Martin seen in surveillance video footage from the night he was shot and killed by George Zimmerman. As you can see from various angles, he is in fact wearing a hoodie.

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Actually he also got some skittles sweetpea. But either way there was no reason to kill him so your still right


Wow. How sad. I don't know what went on that night, but no one deserves to die at 17. How tragic.

@ Sasha

What do you mean you don't know what went on? The evidence shows that NOTHING went on to warrant him being gun down. Even in this 7-11 video he was doing nothing but buying an Arizona tea. The clerk wasn't bothered by his presence or demeanor at all. This is too sad.

@ SweetPea

I agree like i said before trayvon Martin is so innocent he looks like a normal teenager to me I have a brother that is his age I really and truly believe that GZ was the aggressor he took a life of a unarmed 17year old for no reason at all GZ is a compulsive liar I know GZ didn't fear for his life u know why he knew he had a loaded gun trayvon didn't stand a chance there should not be a debate everyone knows that the screams for help was trayvon martins I bet my life on it everything I own GZ is a Demon burn in hell u liar! Please lord late justice be served for trayvon R I P

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