Trayvon Martin 911 Call

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The infamous call played by George Zimmerman before the killing of Trayvon Martin. Listen to it and draw your own conclusion about what happened.
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I really don't know we're to start .my heart is in pain for his mom I have a son the same age he is a football player .now that whites have made it ok to kill young black men as a mother I fear for my sons life now .this world is fucked when you can prey on young black men and get away with killing some one like that white people may god have mercy on all of your souls you all Involved will pay blood is on your hands now to late to pray now god bless his family omg really only in the united state is it ok to kill blacks


Looks like a flash light cop wanted to be someone let the real cops do there job this would not have happened

@ yelp

You right what a dam shame the world is fucked god have mercy on it and the devils that built the so called land of the free;(


I'm from texas very culturally diverse. This is a just a damn shame that a kid was killed. What the hell does suspicion look like, we all act, talk, walk, and speak as we please. His ass looks suspect then. Now should he be shot???¿¿¿

@ sabrina

Thank you sir god love you ;)


Got what he deserves? He was shot and killed for wearing a hoodie walking in his own neighborhood. your so unbelievably ignorant and bigoted.


That man need to give up his life since he took that young man life. What is this world coming too. This needs to stop. Cant go to a store without sumone doing sumthing bad. Smh


Kids looks like a thug- got what he deserved

@ Me

Your mommy that is why shit is like it is today you a devil we will all pray for you and your kids dick


this man needs to be arrested the kid was innocent he didnt do anything...shame on mankind

@ Gia

Good for you somebody got love in their heart this fucked up world don't all involved got his blood on their hands

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