Tony Lucca - 99 Problems (The Voice)

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Tony Lucca covers Jay-Z's "99 Problems" on The Voice. Great cover ... unless you're Christina Aguilera and you hate everything he does.
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They tried to trick America into thinking Tony Lucca was totally inovative. I was a Lucca fan die hard but now this dishonesty against another artist is inexcusible. I truly hope Hugo gets some good karma for his original rendition getting some new light and that Lucca can someday regain the trust of the American people in the shadow of this panicked attempt to win a show he is unqualified for. He's lucky he had that crack head Adam Levine to put his blind, egotistical, untalented faith in him.


It's not a rip off. Adam Levine said they gave credit, but the show edited it out of the package. The entire show is based on covers. It's not Tony's fault the show didn't air the part of the package telling where they got the inspiration for their cover.


Christina has an old grudge against Tony Lucca right from day one. What was it Christina, did he brushed off your advances during those musketeers days? Very annoying, she has said nothing fair about Tony at all. Notice I said "fair". Tony is a good singer he may not win, especially against someone like Juliet Simms, but he is good, he made it to the top 4. Christina grow up, act like the real judge we deserve.


It's not a great cover - it's a rip-off of Hugo who did this more than a year ago. Tony ripped the lyrics, rhythm, guitar riff, etc.

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