Tony Farmer Reacts to Sentencing in Court

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Tony Farmer was a top high school basketball recruit who was sentenced to three years in prison for assault. Watch him react to the decision here.
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After watching the video of him beating his girlfriend, I have NO sympathy for this guy. Hopefully, he has learned a lesson.


I agree withe fact that athletes seem to think that they are exempt from trouble. However, for you (mark adams) to call him a monkey you racist, probably in the closet gay man yourself that shows your lack of intelligence and the fact that your merely trash bro!!!! Who does that???


Let the monkey do some balling in his new big house. Another dumb athelete thinking just cause he can dribble a ball he has everyone else by the balls. He now is gonna have a lot of balls in his hands they just wont bounce as much unless there in his mouth.

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