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This video of Tom Cruise talking about Scientology leaked a few years ago. It's all very real, and some might argue a little bit strange, but it's his religion.

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Are he and Charlie Sheen taking the same DRUGS!!!! My GOD! The level of insanity is fascinating. Poor Katie, that woman has lived with this gibbering lunatic for how long. I will pray....that's all we can do. RUN, KATIE,RUN!


Tom Cruise just gave us an idea of how confused he is due to his indoctrination in Scientology. If you look up the word Scientology and type in SP's, you'll understand the fear in which those brainwashed souls live in. How misguided they are to believe that everyone must come to their way, and pereceive things as they do. I am glad Kate and Suri will be removed from daily indoctrination. I am sad to see Tom's instability and anxiety portrayed so vividly in this interview. I wish him and his family peace.


Wow,seriously misguided,poor soul,I hope he meets the right person who helps him see truth,this guy really here is screaming for help,disguised as this masked guise


I've always enjoyed Tom's movies because he is a good "actor" and yes, he's an attractive man, but there's NO DOUBT that he's a complete idiot and mentally disturbed from being brainwashed by Scientology! For this man to genuinely believe he is God like and superior to others based on his religion, only solidifies how stupid he actually is! Goes to show you that regardless of wealth/success, you can still be grossly ignorant and completely out of touch with reality...he's definitely insane with his thought process! WOW, people never cease to amaze me with the word "crazy"!


OMG! I am 48 years of age, divorced and have daughter 13 years old. I am of christian faith, but watching this video of Tom scares the crap out of me! He is out of touch! "You are aboard or not on board", can you imagine him telling his 6 year old daughter this???!!! Holy CRAP! My hope for my daughter is to be a good person and treat others as she wishes to be treated. But I WILL NOT and have not asked my daughter to make such a black and white decision of whether, "you are on board or not".


dafuq did i just listen too??????


Now I finally get why Nicole Kidman stayed silent after her divorce. Tom Cruise is a complete nutter and really, really dangerous!! I would have been that scared of a man with so much money and therefore influence as to what he is capable of! Clearly from this video alone he is severely deranged and in a lot of need of medical help. Its no wonder Scientologists hate Psychiatrists ss these medical professionals effectively pose a major threst to this cult. Stay safe Katie and Suri no one can take away your own opinion... no matter what!


She grew up in love with a Superstar. She married him. Now she has finally understood that fairytales are not reality. So glad for her, she is finally a free thinking woman.


I was enlightened on how nutty Tom is after
Watching that video. Sounds like he has been
Brainwashed. He says he's helping people and those
People are depending on him! OMG! Help who ?
I would have filed for divorce and sole
Custody 4years ago!


How on earth does someone become so brainwashed? He said a whole bunch about nothing. I did not learn anything new at all about Scientology, and am even more convinced of how crazy it is. This man is weird. There's no way I'd let him around my kid if I were her. I hope she uses this as evidence in the divorce.

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