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This video of Tom Cruise talking about Scientology leaked a few years ago. It's all very real, and some might argue a little bit strange, but it's his religion.

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it makes since why thie evil brainwashing colt would be against pyschology, they wouldn't want their mindless puppets to be helped to realizing reality! go Katie Holmes! and good for you and your baby girl -TEAM KATIE-


In reply to Teresa - the only reason people react to Tom Cruise and his religion is because he sprouts on about it all the bloody time!! To most people in everyday society, a person's choice of religion is theirs, but in Tom Cruise's case, he thrusts his choice of religion onto anyone who will listen - trouble is - none of us want to bloody hear it! I think I might start "The Old Girl" religion, whereby people listen to and believe EVERY word I say, do as I say and only relate to anything I say - oh - hold on - Tom Cruise already has that one!! It is called Scientology.


OMG! I want HALF the drugs Tom Cruise is on!! Seriously though, nothing he said in this video was cohesive, it was a plethora of rambling words, none of which made ANY sense. Even with editing, there is no way this video would have seen the light of day without Tom Cruise's permission. It is obvious he has more shit in his brain than a prawn has in theirs! I think I would get more sense out of a seriously insane mental health patient!


Watched almost all of video, waiting for him to make sense. He never did. I know no more about scientology now than I ever did. Sounds like some of these poloticians that can ramble on & leaves your head spinning cause you don't know what they said, & that's exactly the way how they want it. Don't know what Tom Cruise really believes & doubt if he does either. He's nuts.


I don't get it Tom! I heard you talk how you have dedicated your life to your faith to helping others. Maybe if I ever heard of you helping anyone but your self I would.


I agree Teresa! People just listen to the media and believe the MEDIA. Way to go.


I think it is extremely hard and unfair to judge someone's religion based on a ten minute video. This video is heavily edited. Apparently he was being asked questions. It just seems like the whole thing is taken out of context. The rise of social media and power of the internet to bring information is awesome. It makes me sad that the idea of religious freedom seems to be forgotten here. Just because a lot of people don't understand Scientology doesn't make him crazy. Scholar's and historians can find a lot of holes in Christianity. Tons of things that don't add up but that doesn't stop people from believing in Christ no matter what they say. Tom Cruise seems to be a passionate guy. He's successful, supports his kids, pays his taxes and not committing crimes. Why does it matter what his religion is?


Tom Cruise comes off like a man full of it, and probably is.


Excuse me! WITH ( what in the heck) is he saying? Sounds like rambling! Somebody give this mana script! lol


Dear oh dear oh dear, and he is a top hollywood actor, why does this cult not realise that Hubbard their founder was a wanna be science fiction writer, he wrote about XENU some amazing guy who transported billions of humanoids to earth placed them near vocano's and the killed the with hydrogen bombs and the particles then formed what we know as the human race....Yes that is the basis of this religion and people have great difficulty believing in the entity of the Christian God but to believe in some cranks wanna be who conned billions of dollars from fools like cruise...WAKE UP YOU BLITHERING IDIOTS listen to cruise he is M A D come on see what this does to those that are weak as cruise ????

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