Timothy Poe Cries During Interview

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Timothy Poe is a bit of a mess. The controversial America's Got Talent contestant breaks down in this interview when discussing his time in combat.

sociopath ?


The sad thing about all of this is people casting judgement on a guy they do not know and will probably never know. They listen to the media and then act like that is the definitive word of truth. Seriously, what's worse, apparently lying about something or believing the media. Hmmmm.


you are a disgrace the the uniform you used to wear and to every service member who has deployed over seas no matter what their job was. you don't deserve to be homeless on the streets of america, this jackass just slapped my uncles in the face he did 3 tours to Vietnam being awarded 3 purple hearts and a bronze star he was special forces after his first tour to Vietnam, and spent the rest of his years in service as special forces. I have another uncle who was drafted into Vietnam and hit with friendly fire and damn near killed, he cannot use his right arm and still has scrap metal in his back, he actually died on the Huey when he was being medivaced out... their are thousands of men and woman who have been wounded and killed serving our country

@ john young

dude lay the fuck off

@ row

Shut up John Young.

@ Moose

I mean Row. Yeah, Row is an idiot.

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