Tiger Woods-Jaimee Grubbs Voicemail

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Tiger Woods tells Jaimee Grubbs, supposedly, that his wife is on to their affair. Do you believe it? It sure sounds real!

Did't he learned from OJ Simpson?


This girl's last name speaks volumes. It is quite apparent that she is infected with Lewinsky syndrome. Monica saved a semen stained dress, this one saves over 300 text and voicemails. Stevie Wonder could see what this chickenhead was up to. As for Woodsy "I'm only human", it was okay for millions of people around the world to see him hit the little ball and win championships, and make more money than his children could spend in their lifetimes; but now he's asking for privacy? I mean really, does this idiot not know that "celebrity" means "no privacy". And as for Wifey, she shouldn't waste her time busting out windows. She should just tee his butt off to divorce court. After all, she'd just be joining the ranks i.e. Ivana Trump, Guy Ritchie etc. And---living so close to Disney, she should be very familiar with the phrase, "and she lived happily ever after!!!!!"


He should change his name from Tiger to Cheetah lol

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