The View on Ashley Judd vs. Sarah Palin

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck takes on Ashley Judd in this clip from The View. She also pretty much takes on everyone that kills babies. Naturally.

Elizabeth, You are the only voice of reason on this show! Please continue your work in defending the rights of unborn children and the joy of a life in Christ. If not for you, I would absolutely NEVER watch this show. The others are so far to the left that I'm afraid they might fly off the earth! Keep up the good work!


OMG. I had the exact same impulse as Elizabeth about Ms. Judd crying about the killing of wolves. They need to be controlled so that the native people can have their caribo and moose. These people do not go to the supermarket like we do! I had the same thought as Elizabeth, that there should be more attention to the dying children of the world. Ms. Beyer is a bore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Debbie Come on grow a brain cell - Ashley Judd is just another old washed up hollywood star clinging to something she once had. She has become old, fat and ugly in more ways than one.


OMG, get rid of this bitch, she is very disrespectful of anyone who does not agree with her and the way she talks to Joy or anyone is insane. I stopped watching the show because of her but a friend of mine told me to watch YouTube just to see this one segment of her at her finest. She spoils the show so much. Tell her to shut up or go away!!!!!!!!!!!

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