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The women of The View discuss the shooting in Arizona and how Barbara Walters feels bad for Sarah Palin. Watch here.

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Timothy McVeigh (whom Barbara brings up) was influenced by the anti-government movement. Loughran was influenced by the anti-government movement. I call that politically connected.


so nice to meet u peaple i love u


As the country mourns during the aftermath of the senseless bloodbath that occurred in Arizona; whatever inane rhetoric Sarah Palin and her ‘Tea Party’ constituents offers as any consolation is nothing more than nonsensical drivel! Along with freedom of speech comes responsibility, and Sarah Palin and her right wing conservatives are as guilty as if they themselves had pulled the trigger. As Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords has so eloquently pointed out; “The way that she has it depicted has the cross hairs of a gun sight over our district. When people do that, they have got to realize there are consequences to that action.� As far as I am concerned, Sarah Palin is a perpetrator herself, and an accessory to the crimes which were perpetrated in Arizona. The anti-Semitic sentiments advocated by Palin et. al. are no less reprehensible than that advocated by Adolf Hitler.


I'm with you, berrymoore. Absolutely. If Sarah Palin had any class at all she would make an apology
and move on.


Baba Wawa feels sorry for Sarah Palin? I cannot believe my ears at such stupidity. Hey, Baba, I feel sorry for Rep. Giffords. I feel sorry for Christina Greene and her family. I feel sorry for Judge Rolle and his family. I feel sorry for all thoe who died and thier families. I feel sorry for everyone who was shot and their families. Sarah Palin? Not a bit. She put up that map with the crosshairs. She made her bed. Let her lie in it. If Sarah Palin didn't know how bad it looked, the she wouldn't have taken down the page called "Take out the 20". Just look at the name of that page!!!! She did NOT take it down off her facebook page. She can take it down, but it is all over the Internet. She could very well have influenced this guy and because of that, she has some responsibiliy to this country. Take away Palin's hyperbolic rhetoric and she has got nothing. For once, Sherry is the one making sense on this segment. Baba Wawa is totally out of line.


A few months ago,Whoopie fired out at the rhetoric that was going on at political rallies. We can blame 1 deranged individual for this terrible tragedy, but the onset of this horrific crime started 2 years ago. The atmosphere was hot, heated, and hostile. It is an absolute crime that political rallies became something so ugly that I could not believe it. As Americans we are better than the behavior that spews out that kind of hatred. In the past few days,
family lives have been forever changed under the cruel hand of violence. I pray for comfort and inner peace for all of us as a nation as we all continue to heal and try to understand the path that led to this devastation.

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