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New Moon has released three trailers. This this video combines them all into one!

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Deleted Scene

Need more Taylor Lautner shirtless scenes? Take a look at this deleted scene from New Moon.

Shirtless New Moon Clip

In this clip from New Moon, Taylor Lautner is very much shirtless. Sit back and enjoy, female fans!

New Moon Commercial

There are no new New Moon clips in this video. But it's funny to watch the film interspersed with Vitamin Water.

Bella's Birthday Party

This is a famous scene from New Moon. In it, Bella receives birthday presents - and gets a paper cut.

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ı m very beatiful films and interestin films garatulations tylor and kristen and robert and alice :))))


in new moon (the book) edward never fought the volturi and he never told anyone to go to hell. but i really don't care about that, i want to see this movie so badly that it's almost making me anxious! lol. every time i see him get smashed into the floor and into the stairs i cringe

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