The Situation's Dad Goes Off

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Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's father Frank bashes the crap out of his son in this online video rant, calling him a sellout and all sorts of othr stuff. You gotta watch!
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I feel more sympathy for Mike. His dad seems to be using a double standard when it came to Snookie, considering his own daughter was on the show twice whoring around. Who gives a damn if they are all italian or not. The show is hilarious and as for the father he has got some major issues of his own so it's no wonder Mike is an asshole a lot of the time either. Now, I cannot hate on him as much because he had a horrible role model.


he seems like a stand up guy who raised his kids the best that he could.whats wrong with a father asking his son for help?its not like his dad left him when he was just a kid and now looking for a handout.I am sorry but if my parents needed help financially and i could afford it i wouldn't give it a second thought.And so the hell what if his father curses??? so if anything i have more SYMPATHY FOR THE DAD to have MIKE as a son! Ridiculous!!


You should be ASHAMED OF YOURSELF... to sell out your family and try to get some lime light since your son is now famous. Your language is atrocious, and after viewing your tape... I can see how the "Situation" has stepped away from the likes of you... So obviously your looking for money? right? and since your not getting what you want your making a ridiculous video.. which shows incredible immaturity.. and the saddest part? you believe that your going to hurt him.. if anything i have more SYMPATHY FOR HIM to have YOU as a father! Unbelievable!!

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