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This is a popular online conspiracy video, "The Sandy Hook Shooting - Fully Exposed." Watch, comment, react.

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What are some ways you can become a better documentary film maker? that is a great question to ask yourself. Attention to detail is the key. Music over vocals? why? how hard it is to make the necessary adjustment? can't be any harder than it was to drop in the track. Text over video and low resolution video that can not possible show what it is you are trying to show to make a point? why? Logical fallacy only discredits the film and film maker's credibility, why not take care to convey facts and leave out fallacious opinion, conjecture, and circumstantial evidence? The fallacy of what you would do does not apply in certain circumstances. I believe that it was a conspiracy but parts of this film are so unprofessional and illogical in reasoning and construction that it lends itself to the feeling of a kooky conspiracy theorist more than a well constructed documentary convey facts. Hopefully this will help you as you endeavor to make something worth watching. keep at it and take more care with your work. thanks.

@ helpy helperton

I don't think Infoman was talking to you with his comment, I think he was directing all of that at the creator of the video.


What is with the towel over Genes car looks like the window was smashed....????? the dirty old man that brought kids in his house and didnt call the cops it doesnt mean it is a conspiracy i find that WRONG..... same thing with 911 i only know of people that died as a result of the towers collapsing not in the planes sooo nobody will ever know.... otherwise at least you are using you brain and thinking about thing..... PACKIT


The most idiotic video I've ever seen. Why didn't you let us hear what the parents were saying. Didn't fit your idiot theory, did it?

@ Lisa

Lisa, I doubt anything the parents were saying could explaining such smiling faces so soon after losing their child.It is easy enough to look up that interview to see that what they were discussing left no room for laughter. I believe in your right to say this was the most idiotic video you have ever seen, but it did point out things that makes a person want to have some things answered.

@ Janice

Have you ever lost a child or a loved one traumatically. I have and i know that you go into shock and display all kinds of weird emotions. Especially when in the beginning stages of PTSD. I am offended that anyone would even try to imagine that they know what the familes are going through or how they "should" be responding. Leave the families alone and let them start to heal. Their lives will never be the same. I want to throw up after watching this garbage.

@ Janice

Frankly, this makes me a little sick. Unless you were sitting in that room with those parents how DARE you make assumptions about what was being said. Have you never had a child that you've spoken of so fondly that you smile ear to ear? Or recollect a memory so strong you feel the same emotion as when it happened? You have absolutely NO idea what they are speaking of, and you look rather uneducated yourself for plastering assumptions that you do. It's not "easy enough" to tell anything. You see a woman smiling - the interviewer could have asked her for her favorite memory of the child. You have no idea. Everyone grieves differently - and throwing judgement at one person's way of handling something is so incredibly wrong in my opinion.

@ Megan

This is what I am talking about, why can't we as a human race speak to each other with some kindness. I HAVE been in a grieving situation, my aunt & niece were murdered & I was not taking away from their grief. I do know that so soon after, I had trouble finding the laughter, that's just me. When I said "easy enough" I was saying it is easy enough to look up that interview if she wanted to know what was said in that interview (I did) I even said it in a 'kind' way & you jump in saying how DARE me. How dare you take my words & misread them & tell me I am the uneducated one!!

@ Janice

I disagree completely with you Janice. Who are you to make assumptions about what that parent is saying. Have you ever had children? Do you never speak of them with a big smile on your face? Dead or alive, if you are proud of your child and are reliving or retelling a moment that made you smile - the memory can give you the same emotions. I can tell you I've been overcome with an emotion from memories that makes it feel as it just happened. At my Grandmother's funeral - who half raised me as a child and young adult - I was smiling ear to ear while telling someone a story of her, and it was one of the most devastating losses I've ever sustained. How dare you and others call these parent's out when you haven't got any idea what they were feeling at the moment. If you are the same Janice that posts above that you can't believe people are calling others 'idiots' and how uneducated they sound; I hope you know you sound just as bad calling them liars without having any indication as to how they feel or what is in their hearts/minds. It's easy enough to see what they were discussing leaves no room for laughter? Really? Because I have no idea what they were discussing, which is exactly why I'm not posting on the internet making assumptions that I do know. Unlike you. And what if that interviewer is asking the parent to recall their happiest memory of her child? And while the parent is discussing their memory with a smile on her face the interviewer has a heartwarming look on her face while she's listening to this parent speak lovingly of her child. There's an assumption of course. I have no idea what the woman was talking about. So if I came on here and plastered that comment on the internet saying it's "easy enough to see that's what they were talking about" then that would make me look like quite "uneducated" and frankly - like an idiot.

@ Megan

Wow, people really twist things nowadays..., I never made assumptions about what the parents were saying. I wasn't 'calling them out' as you put it & I did not call the parents liars. I said it was 'easy enough' to look up that particular interview & watch the whole thing. I do have children & I have lost someone very close to me. People do react in different ways. All I said to Lisa was that she could look up the interview if she was interested.(I watched it so I COULD hear what was being said)
I understand how this angers us as a nation, but what good does it do to attack one another, especially when I was being helpful, suggesting she look up the interview & answer some questions she had about what was being said. She didn't seemed to get mad about my comment. Please reread my comment & you will see that I never suggested more than doing a little research on her own, if she was interested. & I am still bothered by how quick people resort to name calling instead of discussing. Also, disappointed in people's abilities to read a comment properly & then they respond in a way that's not fit for speaking to a dog.


I find it interesting that despite the fact that it takes 2 weeks to delete a facebook account the facebook pages mentioned on here were deleted almost instantly.


at 14:24, what's up with the big flashing sign in the background that says, everyone must check in...questionable


This is really poor. Yes, people who lose their child do laugh and smile. I lost my son last April. I laughed and smiled often thinking of the times he made me happy. They were short public bursts of joy. When I was alone I cried almost constantly. The medical examiner? Didn't look like laughing to me. Looked like what I sometimes act like when I try to compose myself. This is some BS trying to take advantage of a bad situation and be another "Loose Change" which was much better.


Where is the proof that the footage of people taking a gun out of a car trunk is from sandy hook? Could have been anywhere. The facebook page was set up by 2 friends as your screen shot shows, NOT the parents.
The first guy could have been the hunter the gene guy spoke of. The maker of this is an idiot. How many guns does he own. The is ludicris. This is fuking bullshit, get a life.


the pathetic idiot who made this video has a lot of things wrong with them. Why dont you use some time to benefit humanity and help people instead of wasting it creating a ludacris video to protect your precious assualt weapons that belong in a battlefield and nowhere near a home

@ chase

Tell me... where does this video mention the ban on assault rifles? It sounds like you should attempt to benefit humanity more... the person who made this is at least trying in their own way, can you say the same?


Who ever wasted their time to make this video is a delusional psycho. Every "point" that was made in this video was taken out of context and blatantly ignored obvious facts.
When he comments that there are no children to be seen from the areal footage of the scene post shooting......what the eff do you think officials were going to do say, "okay kids, a mass shooting just happened but go play outside in the open". Moron. As for the ambulances, there was no need for EMT's because every victim was dead once the police arrived.
The parents may be smiling because they are retelling stories of happier times with their kids, and the joy that used to be a part of their families. But the video's creator conveniently "muted" the volume on that one. This happened. It was tragic and horrible, but it most unfortunately did happen. So, get a life. And go scheme up something better to do with your life.

@ ac12

What about those pages on Facebook that were posted before the shooting happen?


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