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This is a popular online conspiracy video, "The Sandy Hook Shooting - Fully Exposed." Watch, comment, react.

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I am not sure what your trying to prove. It didnt happen? It was all just staged killings? With every news station rushing to be the first, there is often much poor information desemintated. How about the people who were there, did you interview or speak with them? I know the first Law Enforcement people who went through those doors. I know many of the people involved in the aftermath. And know many who were personally affected as there friends lost children or knew the teachers. This is quite honestly shameful and a discredit to the lives that were lost and sacrifices young teachers made that day. Try talking to the families who lost loved ones, interview the police officers who went through the doors first and are still unable to return to work due to the autrocity they witnessed. Tell me then this wasnt real!!


This video is so stupid. I can't believe I wasted 30 minutes of my time watching it.


Would like to know where the News video of Robbie Parker giving that Interview? Every News video I can find doesn't show him walking to the camera. Whats up with that? I think either this News clip in this Video is some how Altered or The Original News Video Is Altered taking out that little smirk I see as he is walking to the camera so tell me what the name of the News Channel this is suppose to be!!


werent these the same weapons used in the aurora shooting?


Mind controlled so they can pass a law on minimizing gun control and or taking them away from us citizens


I dont know what to think of this, but one thing is clear: Registration always preceeds confiscation.

@ Dennis Kelley

Nice poetry, but not true. Do you still own your car? After you registered to vote, were you kidnapped? What is wrong with ensuring guns are in responsible hands? Know any 1st grade kids?


Can someone tell me how a medical examiner can be so sure that the long rifle was the gun used and when asked he can't even tell what caliber it is


I think its all truth it scares me that seen all the footage in this video are some facts that were running trough my mind at the moment I was watching the news lime the no tears n the fact that there was the colored sheets on the ground for the bodies n the bodies were not to come out till (Sunday) don't all these professionals know the same routines so why not all sync that bodies will not be removed n take the time to lay the sheets if I was a profecional I would of know if the sheets were needed or not and why take pics for parents to identify when they were gonna be brought out to the sheets again the colored sheets got me thinking the no tears the "heros" there is no heros unless no one dies but one teacher is brave to put the kids in a closet n be called a hero or an old man taking safe kids in the house when there's no more shots been heard. And first officer arrived 10 mins after first shot early in the morning cops are everywhere nowadays early in morning by schools. Not 10 mins away. It hurts it may be real but someone posting a conspiracy video n me agree with some facts that I notice on the very day it is scary about 90% of this makes sense of why n what I notice on the day. And I also question why we bringing troops home when the 10 year job is not done n has nothing to do anymore with 9/11. Not Obama fault or Bush but politicians not here not in England but around the world...their is no leaders only hungry money making humans people elect and think we need leaders in a world that was not created by human hands what so ever bit humans are our saviors hahahahaha


Wish you guys would stop alluding to him as 'autistic', that's nothing but speculation. I don't think autism has anything to do with all of this in the first place.


What is wrong with the human race? I can't believe the amount of people on here calling everyone idiots. If you disagree, come up with better arguments. Calling people idiots only makes you look uneducated.

@ Janice

Sorry. I don't see a "smoking gun" in your analysis. Reporters (and law enforcement) often make mistakes, especially in the early moments following a breaking story, when there is much misinformation and they sort fact from rumor. The father, who you claim to be an actor, was likely nervous, trying to get himself together. Had you ever been in that situation, commenting on your child's death, you might realize the spectrum of emotions you experience. I've seen a lot of actors prep in my life and huffing and puffing as you claim is an amateur/ just start out actor -- not someone "hired" to play a grieving father. Let's examine the larger issue here: Do you really believe your government is capable of such an atrocity against it's children, just because some people want assault weapons banned? Really believe that? As inept as most of our representatives are (on both sides of the aisle), and how two people can rarely keep a secret --much less an entire group of people involved in a conspiracy/cover-up, you really believe this is an actual conspiracy? Or this just an thinly vailed attempt to insert yourself and gain Internet fame for yourself as a "controversial" amateur filmmaker?

@ Info Man

Im wouldnt dare tell anyone else what to believe but i suppose you still believe kennedy was killed by a lone shooter , cause the govts not capable of such an atrocity ! Thank god for that magic bullet ! That being said there ia an awful lot of interpretation going on by this doc. Film maker. Just dont think that the govts NOT CAPABLE !

@ Info Man

do i believe that our government is capable of such atrocity? i wouldn't put it passed them... and i can believe, 100%, that if they would take real names from school paper work and simply tell the public that these children are dead because everyone knows that what u hear on the news is true, right? no need to actually sacrifice children when everyone follows the word of our leaders and news casts willing as if its the word god... and if it convinces the public to support their cause, why in the world would they not do it? its called manipulation, and anyone can do it. Especially someone with enough money and power to be heard country wide and just so happens to need a reason to pass a particular bill. it's like a window washer paying a friend to spray paint your windows and then stepping in to save the day, fix the problem and make money off you...
So, Yes. AnyOne is capable of what u say, Especially our own government. and even more so when u can just "say" this happened whithout actually having done it...

@ Info Man

There wasn't supposed to be a 'smoking gun' in my analysis. I never claimed the father to be an actor, read my comment again. I commented on the fact that we as a human race should learn to communicate & get our point across without calling people idiots. & please explain how comment in this forum will gain me internet fame?

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