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This is a popular online conspiracy video, "The Sandy Hook Shooting - Fully Exposed." Watch, comment, react.

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Obamacare: Page 1004
Its starting...
Disarm us and chip us.


The government is trying to take all of our rights away. If you believe anything they say you are pretty dumb. They planned this to happen to take our gun rights away... think about it. Also just like 9/11. If you believe a plane can disintegrate a building like that, you are also stupid. BTW The plane in the video are animated and it was bombs that blew it up. they did it for the money and the oil in the middle east.


A war is brewing in America the government wants to take your human rights away as unbelievable as it seem its sad but true look at America pass lies its deeper then you can even take in at one time but you must be enlighten and seek truth don't (im sure your no stranger to the phase believe none of what you hear and only half what you see) the only way the government gives info is via Media. They wanna take your guns away so when feel your a threat will includes the power to detain, via the Armed Forces, any person (including a U.S. citizen. under the new National Defense Authorization Act go read your bibles Mark of Beast cant buy or sell without it the government wants to take humans right away i cant say were living at the ends of times but look around were getting close

@ catch 22

Yes this is what stews in my mind and it hurts. As bizarre as it seems to most people, I agree we are being hoodwinked by our own govt. Look at the facts. They d### around with budgets impasse, crap gets shut down screwing up things more, they do not care. These days, TV is horrible to watch "reality" based themes. Ads bombard us from EVERY angle with stupid products just designed to break after one use or be put in a drawer after one use (all for quick cash). I feel sorry for people. The news corporations are very bias and propaganda oriented, the list goes on. People that deny this are being bottle-fed what they want you to eat basically.


just thought i'd throw this in there, if you watch the interviews of the "parents" of the dead kids, when someone is lying, they look up and left.. keep that in mind.


So when is the Arizona Bullshit video going to come out? Get a life asshole, your video is rubbish.

@ tacodiaries

Tacodiaries...pls elaborate on your statement...your assertion is based on?????

@ tacodiaries

Are you seriously going to listen to the government?? If I was in power id do a whole lot to make me stay in power. BItch


----From CFR front op and RED China
handover artist Bush SR
-----right thru Harvard 'innie'
---------former Kissinger aide
---------------"BAR--Rockefeller' Obama Immediate and full RETRO-ACTIVE
IMPEACHMENT to be swiftly followed by --------------HUAC/ Nuremberg 2013------------- This is a continuous program of
POST American takedown. 'REAL---EYES' what's happening.


Like he says after about 6 or 7 minutes, it WAS already enough to make me sick at my stomach. I am SICK that someone accuses a grieving community of falsifying such a horrific tragedy.


I am sorry but the bottom line, is if your going to write comments arguing with this video, then why in the hell did you watch it in the first place. Even more so, why would you want to take your precious time, ie.. Stated wasted 30 mins for this, to just take another 5 to 10 mins writing negative and stupid reviews. Oh wait probably because I would assume you are hoping to persuade and guide simple minded people into thinking that this man doesn't have a legitimate argument, when in reality he really he does. I am positive that you, like everyone in this country, has a choice. And with that choice you decided to listen to other people and watch this just to watch it and then you decide that you need to put it down and bitch about how it wasted your time. Well you know what next time, DON'T WATCH IT, and if you do THEN YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO BITCH. Grow up and be responsible for yourself. God forbid you have to actually use that thing between your ears for once and actually think.

@ Rog m

Rog M First of all you're an ignorant pig and dumb as shit if you believe this crap. I watched it because it's like watching a political ad from the extreme right or left with the absurd accusations and falsehoods. It's just bizarre how gullible you are if you believe this shit. Have you watched the news? Do you know anything about grief? The stages of grief? Have you never been to a wake? Not seen people standing around before a funeral laughing and 10 minutes later crying their eyes out? No because this video is aimed EXACTLY at idiots like you who suck it all in without a question or without really questioning the motives of whoever made this film. There's your conspiracy! What would motivate someone to be so cold as to dishonor the deaths of small children in this way. You ought to be thoroughly ASHAMED OF YOURSELF. You make me sick.

@ Reality

Your an idiot, the guy isn't even claiming anything in the video did you even pay attention? He just said answer the questions he is confused. The government has been caught planning schemes several times in the past and you can't put it past them now. Your comment about being at a Wake is so stupid. At a wake people have had time to grief and most have accepted the fact. When your daughter gets blasted at school that day there is no way any mechanism in your body could create a smile. The "debunks" are the weakest bs I have ever heard. They didn't realize and say it was a shotgun in the trunk until post video. Your a slave to the government and a fool

@ Rog m

We have ever right to comment on what we think of the stupid video. I had heard people talk about it, so I watched so I could be educated about it when I tell them how stupid they are.


Like he said in the end of the video " Be careful who you trust, especially what you see on TV or the news paper" we're living in a crazy world ...


This is honestly disgusting. Conspiracy theories are just that, theories. There is a reason they aren't fact and that's because there is very little evidence used to "prove" them. I'm not one to argue with stupidity, but this is fucking ridiculous. Who ever made this video is a sick fuck who has way to much damn time on his hands. Every single piece of "evidence" you have shown to the viewers of this video can easily be debunked with simple logic. If you actually use your brain you are able to think more into each of the scenarios that this video presents us with you'll see that many of these images and videos can easily be manipulated to go towards the creator's goal, and what was that goal? It's to try to anger American citizens, disturb the peace, and create a feeling of distrust towards the government.The government cannot be trusted completely, I agree with that, but it would not stage something such as this, plus if it did wouldn't you expect everything to be a lot more convincing? I believe that this video was probably created by some fuck who thinks by making this video he will encourage people to dispute the current gun control legislation that is being proposed. Just know that the government isn't trying to disarm the citizens, but rather regulate the process of obtaining said fire arms. NO WHERE IN THE PROPOSAL DOES IT SAY THAT ALL GUNS SHOULD BE TAKEN FROM THE CITIZENS. I hope the creator of this video fucking reads through these comments and realize that even though there are a shit ton of dumb people out there, most of us American citizens see how fake these conspiracy theories are and that we aren't fucking amused. You're wasting your time by making these conspiracies. Honestly, go seek help. You have mental problems and should seek help. I want you to get better and be rid of these darn delusions.

@ Alex Peterson

You make great points, but lose any validity with your use of the "F word" it makes you sound extremely ignorant and uneducated. You point is strong enough, and not made any stronger with the use of that word.

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