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This is a popular online conspiracy video, "The Sandy Hook Shooting - Fully Exposed." Watch, comment, react.

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If you have not seen Wolfgang Halbig's 42 minute presentation, you really must. He is the expert's expert on school safety. That's his job and when he tried to find out what what happened, no information was forth coming using the FOIA... Stone wall.... no answers to 16 basic questions. Best proof of drill, not emergency. School was closed for 5 years, according to internet use records. BIG LIE, seek and you will see.


If Robbie Parker is not the "smoking gun" I did not know what is. Is he hysterical? was he numb or delirious? WHY IS HE LAUGHING? I do not see why ALL people are not questing this! Too many people are blindly looking the other way. When I saw that news conference that day I was like "Oh f###". This is bad folks this is bad. Why is that guy smiling??" I then put on my blinders and ignored any conspiracy crap. Now, almost a year of the shootings and my mind has changed. The destruction of the school blew the lid off the can of worms.


Y o u guys are so mein to sandy hook I hate all the the people how dose wate their spost to do I know a girl that ust to go to that school her name was baby kaley


I don't see how people do not believe this! There is so much proof. That girl didn't even go to the school, the parents were laughing! Some were probably so desperate that they decided to go along with it because they would obviously get paid. And the medical examiner did not read his script! There wasn't anyone outside besides the cops at the time. If the government is going to fake all of this they need to practice more. And the person who said that their brother was a cop there. His brother wouldn't tell him. He probably got paid or threatened if he opened his mouth. There is 30 minutes of evidence that this was freaking planned! Think about it hard if you don't believe this. They government aren't good people. At. All.

@ Della

Yes it is fishy how apologetic some of those parents were of the killer, "Adam". Supposedly the parents were cherry-picked actors. Next, I hate to say it; Did people actually die that day? Oh GOD I hate to ask. Other than the one open casket, we, the viewer and observers of media have little proof. What a cover up that would be to hide identities of killed people that are alive!! I am having trouble digesting that part. Other than that, the hoax is real in my head. It sucks....


where do I start , sorry guy your a moron and anyone that believes your shity video editing, or photo shop photo of the president and that little girl, are morons too. you shouldn't quit your day job buddy.


Honestly I found this very interesting. Whether the shooting was fake or not, this video still has a lot of eye opening information that makes you think. Don't be upset. The whole thing was a sad tragedy but as he said, some things just don't add up...


Are you serious? Why would you say this you sick bastard


Conspiracy Theorists actually make finding the entire truth harder as they throw you in every direction. Although there may be more to the story then Officials will release, these BS theories throw you off. There are a few things that got me thinking more than 1 shooter. Also what if the conspiracy theorist was actually the second shooter. A Conspiracy within a conspiracy, lol


What would be the motive for staging this?

@ Jason

gun rights


So are you saying none of this happened? that all of this was just a hoax?? my brother is a State trooper in that area and was there that night and saw everything that was left after the shooting nephew had 3 friends he went to sunday school with, die that day so dont tell me this was fake....

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