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Justin Bieber can't really be a father... can he?!? This edition of The Pulse goes over the sordid tale that has landed this singer in the tabloids.

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in the room


what is a 17 yo kid doing behind the wheel of a Ferrari anawyys?? I mean seriously I wonder where he will be in a couple of years with whatever he wants he gets where's the parental control? where's the values he's learning?huge tsk!


justin bebebeber love elizaebth kiss


Ok a woman spread a rumore that her kid daddy is JB so she done this before ( if my Info is right ) She knew what coming for her so give her a break cause if she wrong she gota face a lot of sh*t. SO GAVE HER SOME GOD DAME SPACE. She just want to find out who her kid father is and if it's JB then it's JB no changing it.


I love justin drew bieber n i trust him .he cant do sumfin like that


she needs to stop lying because it doenst make any sence that she would lie and say that she met justin after a concert @ backstage and he had sex with her.i bet she probably doing that so she can get some money out of him.and if it was his baby(wich is not)he would step up and b a father but until then he is not the baby's daddy.and i knw because i adore justin drew bieber and he would not do anything with an ugly 21 yr.old woman.


Y do even care.No onecare if u love him,he will never date u.


Who cares whos baby it is. If its his he will take care of it if it isnt than he wont. Drop it. Its annoying to keep hearing about whos baby it is, honestly who cares


Wat next Gomez selena's baiy.


That chick who ever she is DOESN'T KNOW Who she is messing with

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