The Pulse: Glee Scandal Alert!

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A pair of controversies surrounding Glee have broken out. Where do you stand on these issues?
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That's a bunch of bull. First of I clearly remember there being a gospel episode in which they sang Christian music and Mercedes took Kurt to church to pray for him. The characters are gay. What do you expect for them to skip around pinkies entwined and never act like a couple? She's just looking for attention. No one says anything about Santana and Britney. Plus HELLO Pretty Little Liars anyone? Gay men are always messed with more than gay women. and this is coming from a Christian/female/lesbian so there!


Christianity? Please. Stop being so judgemental and start accepting people for who they are.


i have no issue with the gay thing i say right on for kurt and blaine they have a right ot find happiness i mean u got love triangles and crap for all the rest of the cast y cant have something too. as far as the christain thing i am one i support the lbgt community with having good friends and family in that said community so who is hat snl lady to judge i seen her on it she was worse than some of the stuff on glee in her time


um I agree with what that SNL lady said about way tolerance is about right..we're expected to be for gay-rights but Christians are persecuted daily...tolerance should be for christians as well

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