The Kardashians - "Lady Marmalade" Kover

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Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and kompany lip-synch here to "Lady Marmalade." It's a look into just how real and loving this family truly is!
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Lisa coleman

love it


people need to let patti labelle stuff alone. i hateed it when christina did it and now i dont even like the damn song anymore. Thank you very much. i hope thay enjoy thier few minutes of stardom for nothing, cause once America gets truly sick of them , and they are considered ot of style, hopefully they wont all commit suicide.


I think the Kardashians are amazing. Khloe Kim kourtney Kendall kylie etc are great theyre not fake they are just the best family ever. My favourites Kim and then my fave Jenner is kylie


God I love khloe!!!!!


I absolutely LOVE the KardAshians they just show you that they are normal people and that they love each other and love to have fun... And look at kourtney she is sooo smart and beautiful and she has a baby and one coming soon,to me they are an inspiration I love all of them..... Dont dis Klhoe Kim or Kourtney they are just living their lives, they are such an insperation!


didnt see it so no right to comment, but heres my thought. if you dont like the show dont watch,simple huh?!

@ G~ma

everyone loves the show!
(keeping up with the kardashians)


The story of the kardashians teaches us a lot about being family whatever the situation, I also realise that America is a land of dreams and opportunities. I love the shows p


I think that Khloe' Is BAD!!! she is sooooo Damn Sexy Alll of them are But Khloe Shittt .... Get at me She has ass and I love how she looks and she isnt fat she is Curvy in all the right spots she looks DAMN goood Like reallly get over your self khloe' Is honestly to me the BEST looking sister she is a busniess room and eveything in between i love u girl keep ya head up : ) Ohhh And im not Biiii Or Lez Nothing wrong with it :)


Who's the fat one on the right that can't walk in her heels? What a freaking joke!

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