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The Jonas Brothers have released a song titled "Much Better." In it, Joe Jonas disses Taylor Swift for their recent break up.

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Funny how their song about taylor is a cover, shows how 'talented' they are lol
I quite feel sorry for taylor though, all her songs you could tell thats she still cared, was just sad. but this is just blated bashing :/ ....i dont fell that sorry for her that much thought, com'on shes dating a Werewolf lol she'lll be fine lol what were going to expect is another 50 songs about Joe Jonas from taylor id bet on that, she enjoys stuff like this.


omg!! that is quite funny, you have to admit!! i don't like him/listen to him but i listen to T.S and i think she's amazing!! but WHY put that in the song? its just odd?!
he puts: 'And all the tears on her guitar, I'm not bitter. But now I see, Everything I'd ever need, Is the girl in front of me, She's much better.'
then the better girl breaks up with him!!


okay, to taylor wrote a song about him. okay, so joe wrote a song back. i'm honestly very pissed at joe right now. taylor didnt write ONE thing that forever and always was about joe. she didnt put "he's not my lovebug anymore" or something dumb like that. most people thought the song about joe was white horse. taylor had to tell them it was forever and always. i think it's wrong that joe actually put something about taylor in their song. i love them both very much but i cant belive joe would do that.

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