Yes, The Jonas Brothers have split. The siblings have now confirmed this rumor.

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And please list to me and listen me closely your wrong about everything about the Jonas brothers and I now it's great to be brothers but with out them is like my heart cannot bare it enough because of them in life but I like them 100percent and yea I do understand them about it and they must take a stand and say "we are not being like this for excepting for what we. Are now " they should now better and it's now and never their choice but I want them to be together again like a group and that's the way I like it and but who cares what people say about them is. Not true and they now better than that and they deserves that and they give them a lack of esteem and I know you should

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At Their Premiere
The Jonas Brothers are a new pop band being pushed hard by Disney. The group consists of Kevin, Joseph and Nick. We needn't tell you... More »
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