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The Gangster Squad stars Ryan Gosling and Sean Penn and looks terrific. But it ran into controversy in July 2012 when Warner Bros. pulled the trailer from theaters after the Aurora, CO shooting.

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Obviously he didn't kill peas...damn autocorrect!!!


It's a shame that this guys actions have not only killed peas injured people but now he is controlling the media..films and music should not be blamed for sick People's actions!!


you are all a bunch of dumb fucks


More movies with gun violence and death, please! It's fun!


They pulled the trailer because there is a scene where 4 gangster shoot into a crowded movie theater with machine guns. I wouldn't want to see that either after what just happened. They didn't pull it because that's what caused this guy to go nuts, they pulled it because that's like added lemon juice to a paper cut. There's no need to constantly remind people of what happened especially if you watch the trailer in a movie theater. That's like showing a terrorist movie blowing up buildings the day after 9/11. Come on people, you should know how America works by now. Stop complaining and wait for the revised trailer


I think Kate started this rumor.


Dumba$ses. This may have taken months, even years to germinate inside that kook's mind (Inglorious Basterds, anyone?). To think that anyone would run out and do that after seeing see a movie trailer which hadn't even been released until *that week* is just idiotic. 5$ says the d-bag was heavy into the "truther" movement though. Those gullible clowns are all just nutbags waiting to happen.


So this is the video that motivated that guy to open fire and kill 12 people at the movie theater that's just dumb.....people these days!


looks like a good movie though


Seriously folks, at this point, they're smearing it in you twinkie filled faces! How obvious. They like to do this so as to help bring it to reality!

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