The Game Obama Tattoo

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The Game gets a tattoo of Barack Obama inked on his body in this video. Seriously! Watch now.
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How gay . Lol . Congrats on getting the worst president in the history of the US tattooed on your body. This seems like the game might be crying for attention a wee bit. Trying to get a moment in the spotlight again . You rap about being so gangsta , strapped up, iced out . You know Obama is destroying are 2nd ammendent. You know ! The right to bare arms. Douche award goes to mr ass kisser

@ Gggjhhhiiiiil

To Gggjhhiiiiiil, who's the gay one when the only thing you can use to protect your punk ass is a gun? Real gangstas need nothing but their hands to win a fight, so obviously you know absolutely NOTHING about real gangsterism. So shut the fuck up

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