The Frozen Ground Trailer

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The first look at the movie The Frozen Ground. Looks like a goodie.

Went and seen Frozen Ground ,What a shame! I was there and this is not what happened.They show the first body found and it was Sherri and they don't even talk about her...I was with Sherri when Robert took her and the fact that they don't talk about that we told them over and over again that we are missing and this story is from the police officer that finally took time out to talk to us because there was another one and I say another one that got away...Cindy bless her heart!!That story about her is not real either! I know the real story about us young women is not pretty but come on,I was there ...What happened to the truth about many of us missing???How they sat in Robert Hansen's bakery and showed him everything about the case.It's time for Hollywood to get it right and tell the real story...To many young women were killed and he hunted them after he torcherd them for seven day's to 2 weeks.HELL FREEZES OVER (How I Survived Serial Killer Robert Hansen) is my book and it tells how Alaska and the investigation of all and me.I am in Fair Game about Robert and I did I.D. some of my friends dead bodies.So lets do the real story...




HELL FREEZES OVER (How I Survived Serial Killer Robert Hansen) the book is here.This is different look at what happened in Alaska and how they had him and let him go.Robert came after Brenda Fowler because he knew that she knew it was him...


Are you Kidding,Your asking does John Cusack look good in black horned glasses.This movie is a true story about young women being tortured,raped,blind folded and hunted down like game and killed.You should be asking did John Cusack do a good job on his acting to play Robert Hansen ,not about fashion tips......I knew Robert Hansen and Iam in the book Fair Game about serial killer Robert Hansen by Bernard DuClos.HELL FREEZES OVER by Brenda Lee Fowler is another story that tells the real story of Serial Killer Robert Hansen and Alaska.

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