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DeAnna Pappas and Jesse Csincsak have broken up. How do we know? Jesse says so in this video!

Jesse, i am sorry about everything, if she don't see what a great guy you are then she a crazy.. i hope things work out for you best of luck..Jamie


The real reason is that Hollywood got in the way. Why is she showing up on the next bachelor show airing on Mon Jan 12th? It's all about her being in front of the camera again. I hope that Jason dosn't fall for her again. I'm sure he's too smart for that. I'm really sorry that you're hurting, but time heals everything. Wishing you all the very best.


I watch the show from the beginning and I was pulling for you all the way and I'm sad that the two of you didn't work out and even when the show was on the air I was saying to myself if she doesn't pick Jesse I have the perfect girl for my Daughter she is 23yrs old in the Dental field loves the outdoors and loves to snowboarding she goes with her when ever she can her name is Maria Elena she is BEAUTIFUL and she thinks the same about you I wish I could send you a picture you let me know how and I will,don't pass this up you won't regret it.


Poor Jesse , there is a lot fish in the sea. You don't deserve DeAnna Pappas. You should go out meet more people. Keep yourself busy you may forget about DeAnna. Hang it there. Who might know you may find someone special and hold on tight.


she's a fickle skank anyway... build a bridge and get over that ho!!!!!


I was so sorry to hear of your break up with DeAnna. I watched your video and was so choked up about it. I think so many people wanted you relationship to last. They wanted to believe in love everlasting.But sometimes stuff happens. I feel as though you were blind sided and thats just the pits!Please know that you will get through this. Its hard, i know but each day that passes it gets a little easier. You deserve to be loved and to be happy. I don't know much about you but there is some wonderful girl out there for you. I know you don't want to think about that right now but there is.She is your match in everyway and you won't have to try so hard. Love is love and a relationship is work but when you are in the right relationship the work comes easy because you are both in it for the long run.Keep your chin up good times are coming.

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DeAnna Pappas Biography

Brad Womack, DeAnna Pappas
DeAnna Pappas is a former contestant on The Bachelor. She made it all the way to the final two on the show, only to be dissed - and... More »
Newnan, Georgia
Full Name
DeAnna Pappas

DeAnna Pappas Quotes

DeAnna Pappas [on Trista Rehn]: She’s like the poster child for The Bachelorette. She gave me some pretty good advice: Follow my heart and be true to myself. I can only hope to have a successful relationship like she has.

I’m thankful that he didn’t propose to me. Everything happens for a reason and I’m where I am today because of all of that and I’m very happy for that.

DeAnna Pappas