The Bachelorette Season Finale Preview (Part I)

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Part one of The Bachelorette season finale, which is being billed as the most surprising and emotional EVER.
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I don't know why but the first night when the one Bachelor that wanted to have the fantasy suite with Des I thought was sweet, I didn't think he was trying to get fresh, and she just kicked him out of the room before he could catch his breath, so what goes around comes around, maybe that's just how I feel I've been lucky, and have had 2 men fall in love with me in my life and have loved back.


Its right there in the preview at 0:28 brooks is holding and comforting a crying Des its pretty clear whats about to happen not sure how it all ends


desiree is stupid she has this man chris who love her whole heart.He draws,romantic,everything a women looking for in a man.she do not deserve love,she is confused,he left forget brooks.move on,dont be like sean he told all those lies to lindseny and those other women.he is not a true tired of people saying they christian and hurt people who do nt deserve one does. im out of here.desiree i hope u pick chris.that the one who love u the most.dont be a fool.pick chris


Okay about couple of weeks ago, I do not know why they wouldnt show it, but I swear I saw Drew in one of the previews that he was the one that told her that he doen't love her anymore. That is one of the reasons why she like cried and almost want to give up and thought about sending all 3 guys home. So its possible that it is Chris or Brooks but I kept hearing rumors that she picked Brooks. So who knows, anything can shock us. P.S. Brooks is not gay...get your life straight ppl. Guys can dress and talk like that but is straight!! My cousin is almost like him & all & he's married with 2 kids!

@ Natalie

Wow that's weird cus I think Drew will get his heart broken the most when he gets eliminated. On this preview he is dumbstruck saying "what just happened?"!! He has fallen so hard for Des and I feel so bad for him bc he is super, super sweet and absolutely adorable. I just love him! But I hope it is Des and Brooks!!! Beautiful couple!! Can't wait~


Brooks all the way! They are gorgeous together!!!

@ Helen

Yes you're true Helen. Brooks is for her, some men takes time to express their feelings and that's Brook. Every men is different in so many ways.

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