The Bachelor Sneak Peek: Courtney Robertson Hometown Date

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Courtney Robertson takes Ben Flajnik on a hometown date on The Bachelor. Watch a sneak preview of it here!
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Hey Keith,There's no video for this post. It's just an announcement aisyng the winners from the cookbook giveaway have been selected. But the next video, about being vegan in college, is up! Michelle


The sad thing is maybe Courtney truly is the best match for Ben. It is obvious that no amount of warning has deterred him thus far. Either of the other girls, Nicki or Casey would be more of a life match, but men don't always choose what is right for the long run. Oh, we'll, we will see ...que sera! Xxfzo


Marithza, unfortunately when a man is being led around by his penis, there is a lot he misses. I agree with you, the girl is "crazy". As a matter of fact, when she gives those aside camera interviews, in that little girl baby voice, while twisting her hair, I can hear in my mind "scary movie music". Unfortunately, despite being warned, Ben is listening to the WRONG head. Is surprising to me this guy runs a business. Apparently while he may be business smart, when it comes to women, he isn't the brighest bulb in the room.


Omg kant he see dat diz girl is crazy in my opinion she needs 2 b in a krazy house ikd y is she still aloud 2 b in diz show

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