The Bachelor Clip - Ben and Courtney Skinny Dipping

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Ben and Courtney go skinny-dipping on The Bachelor. Hot! And kind of disgusting!





Rearrested km end


What the hell Courtney even Ben too so immature................. WOW both ass holes


I will be so mad if the spoilers are wrong n ben does not choose Courtney..i like her n they have a hot chemistry...the others are so BORING! going to waste my time watching this bs make it worth while n she is fun 2 watch n great entertainment! That's what its all about...go Courtney!


Hey,the show is a virtual competition and hence Courtney is trying to win just like the other girls. It is the same game we all play in real life. You like a girl and she may like you back but there are always some guys after her and you have to come up with some sort of strategy. Most of the girls are unfair to Courtney but actually they are jelous because Ben cares about her. Nevertheless, the spoilers may have it right with the final four but the winner will probably be somebody else. My favorite was Jenifer. I will go out with Courtney for a a week-end but I will marry Jeni with no hesitation.

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