The Bachelor 2012 Preview

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This sneak preview of The Bachelor's 16th season (starting January 2, 2012) hints at the drama and the heartbreak and the nudity to come. It's gonna be sweet.
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I think Ben is single still because he doesn't want the good girl who goes skinny dipping and invites him to her room!!! We call those sluts!!!!! The last few Ben has he will let slip away wait!!! All the girls tried to warn him!! Wait until he watches it!!!!! I hope his mom sees through the slut!!!!! She is a good actress, not that good they won't last hope he crass back to the others and they blow him off!!!!!


I hate Courtney! She is a loser and Chris need to get his show together I have seen many comments where people are threatening to stop watching in the past week I have seen about 400!!! It's insane how stupid he is for not seeing how evil she is it makes me wanna throw up but, in her face! To bad I can't!

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The Bachelor Quotes

There’s still a lot of growing to do in our relationship. We will not tie the knot until I am mentally and physically prepared as well as Matt.

Shayne Lamas

It was a fairytale proposal like I’ve always dreamed about. I forgot that there [were] cameras around. In that moment, it was just Matt and I and it was the most amazing moment of my entire life.

Shayne Lamas [on proposal by Matt Grant]