Teresa Giudice Spinoff Ideas: On Hold

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What does the future hold for Teresa Giudice on The Real Housewives of New Jersey? That topic is debated in this video.

Unbelievable! The only victims there are their beautiful daughters....and we thought the tension of not talking to her brother and Melissa was unnecessary drama, now look. Sadly, I looked up to a family that I thought worked hard for their money..The jokes on us the viewers. We were watching thieves and con artists...Lovely their poor innocent daughters had fake lives and terrible mentors. I'm really disappointed if this is really the case. Angela Vierling Skippack PA


Greedy people.I hope Joe gets deported.They are all around liars,thieves and scammers.They should have thought about their daughters first and foremost.


A weekend at the Hamptons really. They should be ashamed of themselves. It was trying to live that life style that got them into this trouble. It's like they don't get it and what they did was ok. I kind of felt bad but now not so much. I feel bad for their children. Do they really think they are above the law.


I think theresa and her husband joe should have thought about there kids first.Alot of people would like to have big beautful house and material things but I won't steal to get them.

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Teresa Giudice is a Real Housewife of New Jersey. She was born in the Garden State and is married to a guy named Joe. She has three... More »
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