Teen Shoots 6-Year-Old Sister

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A Florida teen shot his 6-year-old sister over the weekend. She will survive, it looks like. Check out the news report.
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The parents should be held responsible as well as the teen. NO weapon should be within a childs reach or not locked up!!!! Every adult knows the curiosity of a kid...we were all kids once and we ALL did stupid stuff. Maybe we didn't shoot anyone, but things we did could have caused just as serious damage I am sure. As parents, it is OUR responsibility to protect our kids and be responsible if we own weapons. That means...........LOCK THE WEAPONS UP!!!!!! And....why were these two left unsupervised? Wake up people...children are just that...CHILDREN!! They are not little grown ups!! Look after your kids instead of making your kids the parents!!


Put him in jail for a while. He knew what he was doing or he is a f ing retard. I am sick of kids killing their siblings.

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