Teen Mom 2 Clip - Jenelle Calls Kieffer

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Jenelle Evans calls Kieffer Delp on Teen Mom 2.
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Where is Joe & Kaitlyn?


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What a loser. She should be ashamed of herself. Thank god for her mom. Can you imagine how that little boy would be treated. She needs to check into a mental facility and figure out what's wrong with her. Maybe she should go to jail. There she would have to learn how to respect people. I hope they don't take the show off just because of her. I think young girls learn from the show that it's not easy being a teen mom. I think it's a positive thing for young girls to see what really goes on. But dump janelle and keep the other girls. Pay Barbara instead of janelle and show how hard it is to raise your grandchild while dealing with a brat for a daughter. She is absolutely disgraceful.

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