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Ted Nugent went positively off on President Obama in a recent radio interview. Listen to the crazy rant now.

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Not a Nugent fan but totally agree with him n Obama. Dangerously and tragically the wrong one for America and these dangerous times. He is poison for America and the world.


Rock on Ted! I fought for freedom of speech, not socialism! Yes, I am a proud veteran. I served under 5 presidents and this one is by FAR the WORST. As for the Secret Service, just set them up with some hookers and you'll be fine! I never thought I would join the NRA but now I most certainly will. Give them hell Ted. Your our voice.


Why is this any worse than the Black Panthers putting a bounty on someone's head?


Ted Nugent makes sense. Socialistes are scum!


Guys like this need too be erraticated off the planet...


Can't stand Nugent or Romney but I have to agree with what Nugent said about obama


I meant to say, Ted wouldn't stand patriotic and fight for his country when called to do so!!!


Damn hypocritical coward would stand patriotic and fight for America when called to, but this ignorant cowardly, shit for brains is willing to publicly threaten the President of the United States?! This is what America has to look forward to if Romney is elected, more divisive, rich getting richer and further genocide of an already slippery slope path were on! Please stop:-(


Here's a better example of this hero of conservatism: He reputedly evaded the draft by not bathing for 30 days and crapping in his pants. Poster child for the new republican party.

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