Teacher to Parents: Your Kids Stink!

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A teacher sent this note home to her students' parents, claiming that they stink.
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I think if the teacher sent it out to all the parents the only ones that would be upset would be the ones who knowingly have the smelly child. If you know your child is clean and not smelly why would you care. If you are the guilty party get on board and start taking care of your childs hygiene plain and simple!


GOOD for her alot of schools and teachers claim their hands are tied with hygeine and even behavior issues claim they can only cal dyfs and whatever when there are actually proof of abuse I am sorry but if you send me your child every day smelling and dirty in dirty clothes thats abuse....I bet their parent doesnt go to work smelling nasty and wearing dirty clothes so for once can you people please put your childern before yourself ..... I feel like if you were offended its usually because your guilty


I don't see what's wrong here. I've never had to deal with a stinky person in my class until this year, and it is TORTURE! Other kids told the teacher about it, she made 2 announcements about deodorant in front of the class, the school guidance counselor spoke to the teacher about it. The only hope left is to tell her parents.


I agree with the teacher. She sent it to everyone. Nothing wrong there. As a parent, I understand. I always sent my kids to school squeaky clean but one of my kids got lice at school. I did the right thing, kept my child out, took the proper steps, alerted the school, and they did NOTHING!!! It was very frustrating. Here this teacher is trying to avoid a problem and she gets in trouble for it?? I don't understand. Those who are upset are probably the ones sending their kids to school dirty!!

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