Teacher Slams Student Against Wall

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Kindergarten teacher Barb Williams was caught getting rough with a six-year-old student. See the shocking video.
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At first I thought she just sort of picked him up and put him against the wall if it had stopped there but that teacher was not under control and needs to be fired.


That woman is a bully. It is hard enough for children to have to go through the adjustments of everyday life. Just knowing that a kindergarten teacher
could be comfortable manhandling a small child like that is unnerving. There can Not be an excuse that she has for hard core behavior to that little boy. It is (almost) a shame to have to admit that we are living in an age where cameras are absolutely Necessary if you want the truth about an incident such as this. This teacher Needs to become a part of history, and Not be able to teach another class until she gets some anger management therapy. PEACE!!

@ Leo

Sorry I'd like to slam that woman up against the wall see how it feels..i mean these people are suppose to be teaching our children and making them feel safe.....that is just sad

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