Taylor Swift - "Red" (Live in Australia)

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Taylor Swift performs here in Australia. Watch her entertain fans with a version of "Red."
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If this young lady is not an angel .. They don't exist .. What a job her parents have done.. This America is what entertainment is about !! What a precious "lady" get comfortable. Taylor will be around a long long tyme Ty for every song Taylor... You make days go -by easier. -- your. Biggest fan in Gainesville. Fl . (: S


Just downed all the songs. Off the red cd.. Amazing Taylor. When the single red is released .... Everyone else may as well call it a year.. I can listen to any of Taylor's songs morning or nite .... Her demeaner is like a drug an angel is here . Thx big machine records + Scott. 4 taking this young. Lady at face ... You good folx have changed lives .. The swift family. The band members. The reps. 4 Taylor ... Makes an


What a charming beautiful person--- Taylor makes my days happier. Played marys'song at my mothers wake. Taylor's parents have raised a young lady. Taylor haters . Don't really need your 4 letter opinions .but you're entitled. Which was the last charity ur fav. Entertainer donated hmmmm prob. Legal fees gangstas' & thuggin' is gone.. Get to like ms. Swift she'll be here long after you've. O. D. On your homers bedroom floor.
While he's in the living room watching. T. Swift vids. Just my opinion. Ha. Love ya Taylor. Cya esais: (: S

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