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Taylor Chapman, a 27-year-old Florida woman, records herself ranting against Dunkin' Donuts in an epic viral video.

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Meth in action caught live on video,seriously Taylor get help.


This woman is an embarrassment to the people who really have problems in the world.. she was just waiting to have this happen just to get a free meal. Ick!! What a nasty human being! Then to call that poor girl out with her rude comments, trying to get others involved, when they obviously thought she was an idiot.. then to use the N-word like thats going to make her look any more intelligent. She shouldn't be allowed to go there again. I wouldn't serve her anything! And the manager should give the girl she was talking about a raise!! Shameful..

@ Denielle#1

I totally agree!!!!!!


Wow. You really made yourself out to be a piece of trash. You must be on crack because you didn't shut up the whole damn time. Filming and talking to people who think your nuts and want nothing to do with your messy ass self. If you really were disrespected (I doubt it, you prolly just wanted free food because your money was spent on your crack). But if you were disrespected , then you should of went about it the right way. Show some respect yourself. You really are a disgusting human being. If someone like you EVER shoved a camera in my face like that I would smash it into your face. I am embarrassed for you! TRASH!!!!!!

@ Maureen King



You suspect an establishment of p!ssing in your chips and you continue to go back there. Racist c*Nt!


Wow you swore during the whole video and seriously I doubt the employees spit in food or drinks that isn't allowed. Wow and you said nigger and stuff about the World Trade Center. Wow go to hell Taylor Chapman.


Wow really Taylor Chapman?! You need serious help lady and grow up, get a life, and learn to be respectful. I feel so sorry for that guy he didn't deserve you're nasty attitude.


How rude. That meth head needs a boot so far up her ass. She hav to call the paramedics to remove it. GREAT JOB to the dunkin donuts enployees.


It's people like this who should just get hit by a truck so that her death will do humanity some good.


What a loser. Someone had told me about this and I was curious, I typed her name online - this lady is just yelling for attention. In this day and age, for someone who is supposedly a college graduate, it is an embarrassment for college grads. It shows not only the lack of class, but the poor education this imbecile received.
It's people like this who give Americans a poor image. This truly reflects that class and education is not bought - it's taught and learned.


She sounds like she didn't even graduate from high school, much less a college degree in business. She's nuts!! Ranting and raving, dropping the f bomb. Felt sorry for the guy she totally roped into her insanity. What a low life. Couldn't believe she used the n word too.

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