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Taylor Chapman, a 27-year-old Florida woman, records herself ranting against Dunkin' Donuts in an epic viral video.

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This Chapman broad really deserves to be fired from her "PR Professional" job. I believe she was on something and could easily go off on anyone, I hope DD has a surveillance camera and caught the original supposed incident. Shove it up your thingamajig, you dumbass.


she definitely should be sent to mars. that smelly bitch.


chapman should work for the cia


Someone missed taking her medication.


heard a joke. "What's the difference between a pussy and a cunt?" A
pussy is what it is and a cunt is who owns it!" She makes me ashamed to be white. Youngster handled himself with grace and finesse!.


Send Taylor Chapman to Mars! Here's the link:


ignorant fehing c@@t seems like nobody is satisfied with just 15 minutes of fame as is always with this facebook twitter generation looks like you are heading towards a lifetime of shame and understanding that i cannot personally bludgeon this trash i will refer this to my good buddy "Dexter" to fulfill justice


Like she doesn't think that anyone will see what the phk she's pulling!! If she is true about what happened earlier it's still bullshit. Come on, like all this over someone's attitude towards her. What's she want- a blowjob! I doubt she even goes to school because anyone with a little bit of "smarts" wouldn't pull crap like this. She needs to be on medication!


This girl is a joke! Maybe should go back to school and take public relations a class on manners and respect. So selfrighteous. Dont have better things to do with your time? Bet she is a road rage driver too! Unbelievable! Her parents must be so proud...


Seems to me the rude person with the foul mouth was the one making the recording. She should have been shown the door and asked to not bother returning.

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