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Danica McKellar stars in Tasmanian Devils on Syfy. This looks hilariously bad ... or tremendous!

Rating: 2.4 / 5.0 (5 Votes)

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This film, even allowing it to be Sci Fi, is dreadful and very misleading. As for the only woman, apparently a ranger in Tasmania getting around in a shirt two sizes too small for her and bulging breasts over a T, plus a whole lot of Canadian??? men 'fighting giant tasmanian devils' with guns... it beggers belief.
I have no objection to Sci Fi films, but if Canada want to make them, I suggest they stay home and use one of their own native animals as enlarged carniverous creatures and not fiddle around with Tasmania and it's Devils about which they absolutely nothing... rangers here don't carry guns and neither do they wear skin tight clothes nor speak in a high pitched voice...I have managed to watch about 20 minutes of it before sheer disgust made me turn it off.

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