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Taj Jordan, 16, claims Michael Jordan is his dad in this bizarre video.

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I believe Taj. Michael Jordan needs to man up. It's not like he's broke. He's hurting this young man by avoiding it and even if he doesn't want the traditional father/son realtionship, He should still do all he can do to give this kid a chance to succeed. Now if Taj makes a bunch of dumb choices then Jordan has the right to shut whatever support he gives the kid down. The kid is at a vulnerable age and it has to hurt when your Dad denies you in public. he claims he's met him sounded like multiple times and Jordan knows he's his father so I don't get what the problem is but it doesn't make Jordan look good, it makes him look like a selfish sperm donor.


Taj, you do look somewhat like Mike by the head. But, I agree with you wanting a DNA test to prove or not if he's your father. I have a son who's mother want allow me to him. And, to hear you long to know who your father is just rips my heart on parents who wants, chooses, or forced to abandon their child or children. I pray for you to receive the answers you deserve. Good Luck!


I hope and pray Michael and his family does embrace you, but if they don't don't take it personal. You are a handsome, intellegent, and brave youngman. When the DNA results are in you will still be Taj, Pamela's son regardless. She loved and raised a sensitive human being with all the abilities to become anything you desire. Wealth is a privilege but love is eternal and no wealth or fame is worth or able to replace what your mom has already given you. Hold your head up you are loved and you are already a son of a King, Stay brave and encouraged because you are admired!


Mj got another kid that sucks at basketball that's bizzare


Good luck with all that. True is he has had years to make contact with you. My dad had 90years didn't do the right thing


Which part of the video was bizarre? If it's the last part where he self-promotes, a lot of kids (& adults) do that nowadays. The other 2 comments that say: "Hey, if you want your dad in your life, you should work really hard & become famous, & then he'll want to know you when you're 30..." are sooo sad.


I tell you what he should do.. He should go on play basketball and if he suceeds, he could get some recognition and Jordan would notice him and somehow acknowlege that is his son!!


Yes, you are his son, you are extremely cute, so on and so on. Now take the God given talents he passed on to you and go play basketball and make millions upon millions of dollars. If he hasn't publicly acknowledged you or spent enough time with you throughout your life, then no better way to get back at him than to succeed. Then you'll be in the position to snub him. But just remember your words someday when your a father and make a better example and commitment. Aftethese, it is the children who are innocent in these cases.

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