Susan Boyle - Enjoy the Silence

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Susan Boyle covering Depeche Mode?!? That's exactly what its taking place in this audio video. Listen now!

i'm a huge dm fan. and usually i detest cover versions. but THIS is outstanding. made me cry happy tears. thumbs up!


@The Smiths, I agree. They weren't trying to copy the DM version but managed to maintain the deep feeling of the song, in fact I think they took it even further. She sounds distant and numb. It's the best cover of Silence that I've heard. I think she and the producer can take a lot of pride in it.


OMFG. When I read this, I got that sick feeling in my stomach, wondering why people think they could ever do a good cover of bands like DM or The Smiths. But her version was such a departure - almost unrecognizable - while still retaining that angsty and tortured feel, I really liked it. I think she did a wonderfully clever rendition.

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