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The music video for "Superficial" by Heidi Montag. It's beyond bad, but hey, did you really expect any different?

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I'd hit it, every which way but loose. i'm guessing her backside sure tastes good.


Loves it Heidi!!! xoxoxox


I think this is a great song i dont care if they are reality stars or not this is a really good song(: Thumbss Upp Heidi!:D


She like a handicapped Britney Spears. The retard version that can't sing or dance but because she's made a little money exploiting herself she is trying too hard to be something she's not. I really believe she would have or could have been something better had she never met and married Spencer Pratt. Maybe she could have made it to the new 90210 show..hehehe.. The Hills proved that talentless people can be star's as long as they're rich, attractive and have famous Mommies and daddies. Or know somebody else who is. Hollywood has gone to hell in a hand basket. Real talent is few and far between now.


omg they are so pathetic i cant stand spencer i used to like heidi she was really down to earth and sweet but she let spencer brainwash her into thinking she needed him even tho he has cheated on her over and over he is disgusting she deserves way better than him


LOL you have to admit Spencer Pratt is kinda funny. :)


Hey you need 2 shut the hell up I love spencer and heidi thhey nake a cute couple


superficial?.. f**k 'em, keep goin on with your sexy ass!!
if they hate? good!! you got it all, they dont!!
example: i hate spencer...he's gets to go to sleep and wake-up next to you everyday and night...mofo

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