Super Drunk Principal

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Kim Warren, 44, is a super drunk principal. But she can apparently slip out of handcuffs in the back of a police car!
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That cop is WAY too nice to that lady. Who the hell cares? She lost her job because of her stupidity. She put others' lives at risk for her drunkenness. If she gets serious about getting help and stays sober, then yeah, everyone deserves a second chance, but til then, suck it up lady. And that cop needs a serious talking to about putting cuffs on right. They shouldn't be able to slip out of them and she they should always be cuffed in the back. Not just for the officer's safety, but she might go suicidal with what she put upon herself. If she grabbed a pen on the way out, she could do some serious damage to herself.

@ Mary Jordan

If she loses her job part of it belongs to whoever posted this video.

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